The CMC is an initiative of the Dopper Foundation and is carried out in cooperation with The Tipping Point.


With the Changemaker Challenge, the Dopper Foundation hopes to stimulate (HBO and university) Bachelor and Master  students to break new ground with their graduation project. This way, we want to encourage you to obtain more knowledge about clean water and plastic waste. The Dopper Foundation has full faith in your own innovativeness and will in no way interfere with your research.

The Dopper Foundation is looking for Changemakers: Graduate students that want to conduct ground-breaking research into subjects relating to clean water or plastic waste. Students can register with the topic of their thesis or research project. For the roadmap and schedule, click here.


  • you are interested in the problems concerning clean water and plastic waste and you want to do something about it
  • you could use the research budget to boost your research
  • you can build a network of experts and fellow students who share the same goal as you do
  • your thesis/project will have a greater impact, since it will receive a lot of attention

To ensure that you stand a chance of winning the €5000, we have made you a list of participating conditions:

  • your thesis topic relates to the themes of water and/ or plastic waste. Read the article about relevant topics here.
  • You are registered at a Belgian or Dutch university or HBO as a Bachelor or Master student;
  • You are handing in your thesis before July 2019;
  • You have not yet completed your research and thesis before June 12, 2018;
  • You determine the subject of your thesis research yourself.
  • You are available on the following three days: May 12, June 7 and June 8, 2018;
  • You can write your thesis for another company. Read the article about thesis embargo’s here;
  • You submit your thesis topic before April 23 via this website
  • 1st prize:  €5,000
  • 2nd prize: €2,500
  • 3rd prize: €1,250
  • 4th prize: €750
  • 5th to 10th: € 500

You yourself determine how you will use the budget, as long as it makes your research ground-breaking! Read What to do with 5 grands?

The payment of a grant/prize money for which a scientific/artistic achievement/research is subject to income tax. The prize money must be declared as taxable income from other activities (resultaat uit overige werkzaamheden, RUOW) on the income tax return. Note: The costs incurred can be deducted from the income. The difference between income and expenses is the taxable income from other activities.



No, you do not have to adjust your regular schedule to participate in the Changemaker Challenge and will not cause any study delay. The Challenge is not a program in addition to your research, it merely makes a monetary amount available for your research. Therefore, you will not be delayed as a result of your participation in the CMC.


To participate in the Changemaker Challenge, the topic of your research has to be related to the topics clean water and / or plastic waste. These themes offer a broad variety of topics, so be creative! Surprise us! Could you use inspiration? Read the article Inspiration for your thesis topic.


The research budget of the Changemaker Challenge is intended to give an extra boost to your own project/thesis!

Still no idea what your topic should be about? Click here to view the inspiration page.

No, the Dopper Foundation does not affect your choice of topic nor the content of your research. The budget of the CMC is intended to give an extra boost to your own research/thesis.

Dopper does not offer graduation internships and will never interfere with your research.


No, the CMC is not a degree program at Dopper BV nor at the Dopper Foundation. The budget that we make available with this Challenge is intended to boost your  research project/thesis.


Dopper – or one of the affiliated parties – will never share your information with third parties without requesting your explicit permission to do so. The subjects submitted will be communicated in consultation, and the same applies for interim updates (e.g. in the form of an interview). The end results will be used for communication purposes of the Dopper Foundation, because we consider the sharing of knowledge to be an important resource in the battle against plastic waste and for clean drinking water. And… Of course we are very proud of the winners and believe that they deserve attention!


No, all Bachelor and Master students registered at Dutch or Belgian HBO’s or universities can register. We think it is particularly interesting to read different perspectives on clean water and waste solutions and we look forward to reading your input! More questions about your study background? Read Changemaker Challenge: for alpha, beta and gamma students!.



You can be either in the starting phase or in the research phase of your thesis. Or maybe you have not started at all! The research budget is intended to boost your research, so you cannot register if your research is already completed before the finals. Check all conditions for participation under question 5.

Are you doing your research project at a company? You can still participate in the Changemaker Challenge. As long as the topic of your research has to do with water or plastic waste, and it supports the mission of the Dopper Foundation, you can make the difference! Is there a thesis embargo from the company? No worries mate. We understand that companies are protecting this type of material. As long as you can present your results of your research in headlines, we are happy! Do you have more questions? Check out the FAQ.

It is completely up to you how to spend the research budget. As long as it will boost your research. The money is not meant for anything other than your graduation project (like those amazingly expensive boots you have been craving for). Would you like some examples of how to spend the money, or can you use some inspiration? Check What to do with 5 grand.