Stand a chance of winning a € 5,000 research grant to break new ground with your graduation research (Bachelor or Master) about water or plastic waste!
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Are you doing your Bachelor or Master’s research about clean water or plastic waste? Then you stand a chance of winning €5,000 to make your research ground-breaking! Keep an eye on this page for the next challenge. 

The Dopper Foundation wants to help you to make your graduate research (HBO or university) groundbreaking with the Changemaker Challenge. You can use that dough, for example, to develop your own prototype, to get your recycled plastic dresses on that catwalk or for a Hollywood film about your findings (featuring Scarlett Johansson). Anything is possible!

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And the winner is……

Today it’s Monday May 14, and we’re prying open our eyes to look back on a special weekend. No, we’re not talking about the Songfestival (too bad Waylon). Last weekend we organized the semi finals and the finals of Dopper Foundation’s Changemaker Challenge; a competition […]

Meet our judges!

You enter the stage, the spotlight shines in your face, and you hope those comfy looking chairs will turn when they hear your research proposal. But who is sitting in these chairs? Meet the judges of the Changemaker Challenge, the experts who decide whether your research gets a chance to change the world forever.

Here are the semi finalists!

Today, you are probably minding your own business, drinking some water to ease your headache that might’ve been the result of another party. And then: BAM! You are one of the semi finalists of the Changemaker Challenge! It could happen to you. Is your name […]