Here, you can read how the Changemaker Challenge is set up, and which conditions you have to meet in order to rake in that nice sum of € 3,000.

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Registration period

Does your master’s thesis focus on clean (drinking) water or plastic waste? If so, then you can submit your thesis subject up until 15 January 2017 using the registration form. Describe – briefly and concisely – what your idea is, what research methods you use and why you need €3,000 to make your research ground-breaking. The final registration date is 15 January, but after a lifetime of procrastinating, we can recommend that you set your deadlines a day earlier!

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After 15 January, we will select 20 potential Changemakers from the submitted thesis subjects. These participants will be invited to pitch their idea during the annual Sustainability Career Event in Utrecht. This event will take place on 9th of February 2017. During the Sustainability Career Event, your subject will be assessed by a jury of experts, who will then select 10 finalists. Are you one of them? Then you will be awarded 500 euros that you can use to prepare your idea for the thrilling finals.

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BAM! You did it: you are in the grande finale, together with nine other Einsteins. The finale will take place at the 22nd of March 2017. The location for the final stage of the Challenge is still a secret, and we are not telling you what we are planning to do either, but trust us: whatever it is, it’s going to be great. We will then reveal the names of the three 2017 Changemakers who will take home €3,000 to invest in their groundbreaking research. What that exactly means? That is up to you to decide! From the development of a prototype to a drinking water expedition to Mars: the sky is not the limit! Via this way we want to stimulate students to obtain more knowlegde about clean water and plastic waste. We totally believe in your ingenuity and we don’t interfere in your research.

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