Stand a chance of winning a € 3,000 research grant to break new ground with your master's thesis about water or plastic waste!
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Are you doing you Master’s project about clean water or plastic waste? Then you stand a chance of winning €4,000 to make your research ground-breaking!

The Dopper Foundation wants to help you to make your Master research groundbreaking with the Changemaker Challenge. Submit the topic of your research  before April 1, 2018 to win €4,000. You can use that dough, for example, to develop your own prototype, to get your recycled plastic dresses on that catwalk or for a Hollywood film about your findings (featuring Scarlett Johansson). Anything is possible!

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Kees wants to develop an Urban Water Security Dashboard to assess the water safety situation in cities in order to assist local authorities in policy development.

Lucas van der Maas

There is no successful method for the biorecycling of bio-plastics without loss of raw materials and energy. Changemaker Challenge finalist Lucas wants to develop a solution for this using micro-organisms.

Gayathri Jaikumar

Changemaker Challenge finalist Gayathri wants to study how primary and secondary microplastics are dispersed through the marine ecosystem. To do that, she is starting at the basis of the food chain: water fleas!