The big small print

As dry as dust, but nevertheless important: the general terms and conditions! Entirely not on-trend, we present our small print in a font that is actually legible. 

Terms and conditions for participation

To make sure you can snap up those €5000, we have summed up all the conditions for participation:

  • You are a registered Bachelor or Master’s degree student 
  • You have not yet submitted your research project
  • You are a Dutch or international student registered at a Dutch university or HBO
  • The topic of your research is your own idea
  • You are available during the semifinals (May 12) and final (June 7 and 8)
  • You can also participate in case an embargo is placed on your research findings. Read the article about embargo here
  • You have submitted your research topic online by April 23, 2018

Criteria for assessment

The research topic you submit during the registration period will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Topic / idea: does your research concern drinking water, clean oceans and / or plastic waste?
  • Is it potentially pioneering, breaking new ground?
  • What will you be spending the research money on?

During the semi-final, the judges will focus on:

  • Feasibility
  • Financial accountability  

The ultimate Changemaker will win the final because:

  • He or she is enthusiastic and have convinced us about their passion;
  • His or her research will have the greatest impact;
  • His or her need for the research money more urgently than others;
  • His or her topic is the most well-developed.

Research Budget

In order to make pioneering and / or additional research possible, we are awarding a €5000,- to a potential world-changer. Why? Because the Dopper Foundation feels it’s important to gather as much knowledge as possible about the problems and solutions with regard to clean drinking water, oceans, and plastic waste. We understand that we’re light years beyond the time when research papers were clumsily botched together, meaning that we have to invest greatly if we want to get great results.

  • 1st prize:  €5,000
  • 2nd prize: €2,500
  • 3rd prize: €1,250
  • 4th prize: €750
  • 5th to 10th: € 500